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Welcome to A2 Southampton Locksmiths, the leading and trusted security expert in Southampton for residential and commercial locksmith services.

Established in 1995, A2 Southampton Locksmiths are greatly knowledgeable locksmiths who are fully qualified and insured and have gone through advanced training schemes that allow them to complete any and all varieties of locksmith services. Our lock and key experts are proficient and up to date on all ranges of locksmith related products.

We provide 24 hour 365 day call out service. Just call us and our locksmiths are there on the double, whether it’s 3 in the morning or 9 in the evening.

We offer 24 hour emergency locksmith service in Southampton and surrounding areas. Our FULLY INSURED and CRB CHECKED locksmiths are always available whenever you experience a locksmith emergency. To ensure a fast and friendly service, we aim to have our locksmiths arrive within 20 minutes from your call with no call out charges.

Our lockmasters are the best in the industry and are fully equipped to handle any key-related emergency. It is a fundamental part of our business operations to constantly train our locksmiths to ensure up to date knowledge on all types of lock, old or new. This guarantees that all your lock and key-related problems can be dealt with in a fast and efficient manner.


We work for both commercial and domestic premises as our specialists are trained to be able to open or repair any lock and duplicate or repair any key in any kind of place or situation. Our locksmiths are professionals and their certificates are available upon request.

On a budget? No worries! A2 Southampton Locksmiths provides services that are cost-efficient and very affordable. Why empty your bank account for a locksmith service? Contact A2 Southampton Locksmiths and you won’t need to. Our fixed low prices will make even the most tightly budgeted costumers happy.

As a family-run business local to Southampton, we aim to provide only the best  and most affordable service you can find in the industry. We are not an agency and our team is local to you so you may rest assured that our employees will do their best for Southampton and its residents. We know what it feels like to have a complete stranger come into your property. And since we put a premium on your trust, we make it a point to hire only the most trustworthy locksmiths – and who can be more trustworthy than someone from your own neighbourhood?

A2 Southampton Locksmiths is THE locksmith for Southampton. Not only do we provide trusted and friendly service, we also help out in our community by providing employment opportunities to our locals in Southampton and its surrounding areas.

A2 Southampton Locksmiths’ 24 hour service and support is available 365 days a year. And for a limited time only, we offer a 10% discount on services if you locate us via the internet. So contact us right now!

What do we offer?

  • Local to Southampton
  • 24 hour 365 day call out service 
  • No call out charges 
  • Fixed low prices 
  • We work for both commercial and domestic premises 
  • We are not an agency and our team is local to you 
  • Fully insured & CRB checked 
  • Fast & friendly service


Southampton Locksmiths – Have you been Burgled?

Southampton Locksmiths understand that being burgled is quite possibly one of the worse experiences you can ever have, You feel like your privacy has been completed violated and can be scared of when it may next happen. We have been serving the local community for a number of years and have come across a lot of cases where people have been burgled in Southampton. Southampton Locksmiths will simply come out to your property and do a free security check making sure that an opportunistic thief will never be able to gain entry to your property again. Below are a few steps in what to do if you have been burgled.

What Should You Do If You Have Been Burgled – Southampton Locksmiths

It is very distressing to find out that your home has been broken into. But there are people that can help you and you should get in touch with them as soon as possible.

We have provided a list of some of the things that you should do if you discover that you have been burgled:

Straight away:

  • Phone the police. Call 999 if you think that the burglars are still in the area this will heighten the chance of the thieves getting caught and you receiving all your possessions again.
  • Be careful. Don’t go into your house if you think burglars are still there. Call the police and wait in a safe place for them to arrive.
  • Don’t tidy up. There may be evidence that the police can use to catch whoever broke into your house. Try not to touch anything until the police have arrived and checked your home over- you might destroy useful evidence.
  • Contact Southampton Locksmiths to come and do a free security check on your property and allow a safe, reliable, understanding and trusted locksmith service to change any locks on your property.

After the police have visited:

  • Secure your home. Contact Southampton Locksmiths Once the police have checked your home for evidence, they will give you advice on securing your home. You might need to repair your door, windows and/or locks. Telephone your landlord and let them know what has happened if you rent your home.
  • Cancel your credit cards, chequebooks, etc. You will need to contact your bank or building society immediately if any credit cards, bankcards or chequebooks have been stolen to cancel them. You will also need to contact the pension or benefits agency if your pension or benefits book are missing.
  • Call your insurance company. If you have taken out contents insurance then you will normally be covered for the cost of any furniture, electrical goods, clothes and other belongings that have been stolen or damaged. Check your policy documents for more details. Most insurance companies have a 24-hour emergency helpline. You should be able to find this number on your policy documents or by looking up the details on the company’s website.


Locksmiths In Southampton – Check Out

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Please feel free to contact Southampton Locksmiths today for a free no obligation quote by either emailing or contact us on 02381 611 004.


Southampton Locksmiths – Euro Cylinder Locks Guide

A euro cylinder lock forms an integral part of security on many types of doors including UPVC doors Patio Doors and any type of non wooden door mostly it can also be found on timber doors occasionally.  Euro cylinders can be easily replaced and changing the cylinder is an easy way to ‘change the locks’.  Before you buy, you need to ensure you know what type, size and security of cylinder you require.

Southampton Locksmiths understand that some people would much prefer to attempt to change there own locks however it can be difficult, If you are one of those DIY person-ales and have experienced difficulty then please feel free to contact us on 02381 611 004 and we will be able to come to your property and resolve any issues.

Type Of Euro Cylinders

There are three basic types of euro cylinder

  • Single Cylinder – euro profile single cylinders offer key access from one side only
  • Double Cylinder – euro profile double cylinders offer key access from both sides of the door
  • Double Cylinder with Thumbturn – euro profile thumbturn cylinders offer key access from one side and a thumbturn from the other side of the door.

Measuring Euro Profile Cylinders

Euro Cylinders are measured in two halves from either side of the cylinder’s 10mm centre section.

  • For Thumbturn Cylinders, the first measurement is of the side with the thumbturn.
  • Cylinders should be fitted so that they are flush with door furniture, particularly on the outside of the door.


In the UK cylinders are rated against the British Standard BS EN 1303, it is recommended when selecting a cylinder you choose the highest rating available.  Graded from 1 to 5, the standard rates cylinders on level of security, safety, corrosion resistance, durability and category of use.  CEN rating one is the lowest grade available.  Yale UK currently offer a choice of both CEN grade 3 and 5 rated cylinders for you to choose from.

If you require new Door Locks please visit the UK’s number one locks supplier in the UK, They also offer a vast range of security Locks and padlocks. Do not miss out on the great deals you can get online today.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmith Services

This service is for large and small businesses. We are happy to negotiate on price for regular work . If you require a Commercial Locksmith, Call Us Now: 02381 611 004 to arrange an appointment.
Residential Locksmith Services

Residential Locksmith Services

Having been established since 1995, we have experience and understand you are looking for a professional, polite and ultimately affordable locksmith to visit you. We provide lock changes, duplicate keys, lock upgrades, repairs and servicing.  Please call now: 02381 611 004.
Emergency Locksmith Services

Emergency Locksmith Services

If you find yourself in a position where you require a member of our team to meet you urgently, then A2 Locksmith Services are able to help. Our Emergency Locksmiths are fully trained  in gaining entry to properties and also cars and vans. If you require an Emergency Locksmith, there is NO CALL OUT CHARGE, simply call 02381 611 004 and we will send a locksmith our to you.


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